Italian by birth, Parisian by adoption, Massimo Polvara has a strong international background in graphic design and illustration.

His client portfolio spans the luxury spectrum from Hermès to Chanel, as well as many other notable companies.

Heri Bisma arrived in Paris from Indonesia

over 20 years ago, driven by an itch to discover the world. After working for more than 15 years in fashion, mainly for Comme des Garçons, he decided to express his very personal vision of style in concert with Massimo’s design talent.

Two distinct universes full of imagination and ideas came together to create the thought-provoking and sometimes explosive principles of Transistor.

The Transistor adventure has become reality thanks to our great friends' support and patience in planning, building, photographing, modelling, promoting and participating.

To all of our friends we can never say thank you enough!

Photo credits: Fabrizia Reitano, Robin Siegel, Deborah Hanau, Mattia Boschetti, Marin Barba-Rosie, Raphaël Tetsuya